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Baz started out at a young age, learning accordion from a very good teacher in the South of England; this lead to the inevitable exams and also competitive music festivals at which Baz was very successful. The first gig, a short solo performance also happened at this time, planting the seeds for wanting to do more.

A little later, Baz was introduced to a drummer who knew other musicians and so his first band came into being, 'The Indigo'. This lead on to being invited to join other bands and Baz took up keyboards to fit in better with the rock and blues music at that time. The first of these bands was 'The Rebels', later followed by a professional band, 'John A. Kingdon and The Humperdinks', sometimes simply called 'The Humperdinks' and then Baz moved on to join the already notable London R&B band, the 'Downliner Sect' with whom he recorded and toured in England and overseas.

Next came an offer from Italy and Baz joined the 'Cyan Three' who were the band playing with Italian pop/rock singing star, Patti Pravo. Baz later left this band, to move to Copenhagen and do some songwriting, then after moving back to England, Baz joined a powerful soul band from the North East of England, 'The Christine Lee Set' with whom he played extensively in the UK and Europe.

Next came a move back to the South of England and playing with other bands there, before getting a sudden and unexpected offer to join a London based band and, to work playing music on an ocean liner. This work brought Baz to Australia for the first time. After another spell playing in the UK and Europe, this band returned to another ship and this time Baz decided, at the end of the contract, to stay in Australia where he worked in the music business and in various bands. 

In Australia Baz has worked solo, but also in many bands and duos, including 'Patchwork', 'The Feral Brothers', 'Allez-Gator', 'The Ya-Yas', 'The Mojokers', 'The Rhythm Project', 'The Dorothy-Jane Band' and 'The Chloe and Jason Roweth Band'.

Baz now divides his time between Australia and the UK and spends several months each year in the UK and Europe.






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Baz's Mailing List

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The first three keyboard players who played with 'The Downliners Sect', one of the seminal British R&B bands (who are still performing today), were: John Paul Jones (recording only) later with 'Led Zeppelin', Matthew Fisher (later with 'Procul Harum') and then Baz Cooper.