Baz will soon be heading to the UK for an extended stay and now that the Covid situation is calming down look out for the gigs!



The Baz Cooper CD 'MAD WOMAN'S BREAKFAST' is now available!!!  It features 9 tracks, including two solo accordion pieces and 7 Baz Cooper original songs! The album also features Bill Browne on drums, Matt Nightingale on bass and a cameo from long time friend and collaborator, Trev Dunham on guitar.  The album was recorded by David Pendragon and Jack Buchanan. 


To buy a CD, catch Baz at a 'Live' show, or email him at:


'MAD WOMAN'S BREAKFAST - The Show'  is the current project from Baz!  Featuring Baz (accordion/keys/vocals) sometimes with a partner, or partners, in crime (on drums and/or guitar and/or bass) focussing on playing Baz original songs (rocky ones, ballads and even some comedy!) plus R&B classics, Folk, a touch of Cajun and Zydeco and Gypsy jazz, with a spicing of exotic accordion pieces and other surprises for good measure! Yes, the big mix of music and musical styles gave rise to the project's name and the new CD!!!  All adding up to a fun show!


Who is Baz?

Baz Cooper is something of a musical chameleon, he plays accordion and keyboards and sings in many styles of music, having come through an interesting and varied life in music. (see the Bio)

His solo shows are an eclectic mix of music, but based around his own self penned songs and tunes, some humorous, some moving ballads, some with a rock or jazz influence. However, the shows also include French accordion, Gypsy Jazz, Cajun and Zydeco, Klezmer, other folk styles from around the World, some R&B songs, piano blues and boogie, wailing Hammond organ and even light classical music!  The shows can be tailored to suit the occasion, as can 'Mad Woman's Breakfast' of course!

Baz is very passionate about his music, but nonetheless likes to inject some humour into his shows for more fun and entertainment!

Baz also very much enjoys playing music with other musicians so you will see him performing with other bands and performers and popping up on CDs by various artists. He is always open to such collaborations!


These days, Baz shares his time between Australia and the UK.

Baz's Mailing List

Baz's Mailing List

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Quirky Baz facts!

Today's Quirky fact:

The first three keyboard players who played with 'The Downliners Sect', one of the seminal British R&B bands (who are still performing today), were: John Paul Jones (recording only) later with 'Led Zeppelin', Matthew Fisher (later with 'Procul Harum') and then Baz Cooper.